Reservation Request


 Use the form below to request the use of our facilities. Our facilities can only be reserved for approved events. The following rental fees and deposit schedule will apply:

Event Deposit – $100

Sanctuary – $100 (per day)

Fellowship Hall – $50 (per day)

Kitchen – $50 (per day)

Nursery – $25 (per day)

Bible Classroom – $50 (per day)

Gym – $100 (per day)

Exterior – $50 (per day)


Please complete the entire form, incomplete request will not be processed.


Reservation requests should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.


Please note that this is not an actual appointment, but only a request for one. We will contact you for a confirmation. Incomplete reservations forms will not be processed. All reservations require a $100 deposit and a rental fee of $50 to $100. Thank you!