Women's Ministry (Coming Soon!)

Women’s Ministries are there to support, motivate, and challenge women on their journey as followers of God and members of the world church.

A Women’s Ministry group shows God’s love by…

  • Developing real friendships.
  • Making sure that women are able to grow in every area of their lives by studying God’s word.
  • Encouraging God-centered ministry as FBC serves homes, church, community, and the world through service.


BAA is ready to get back into the swing of things, which means school, sports, and all of the other community events that make up your days, weeks, seasons, and years are about to begin again. After so many months of isolation and unpredictability, the re-gathering of the saints will be particularly poignant.

Will the BAA church be able to launch a women’s ministry that will be both faithful and fruitful when the time comes?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to women’s ministries in the church. In the same way that BAA is as different as other churches, the churches are as diverse as our God’s ability to create. When you talk with pastors and ministry leaders regarding women’s ministry, you hear a wide range of experiences—everything from great joys and achievements to deep heartaches and frustration—BAA is up for the challenge of a new chapter.

Stay Tuned!